Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Partridge Perfection

We transfered one of our most popular holiday designs into a letterpress card this weekend. Getting the registration perfect was a challenge, but the payoff was worth it. They turned out beautifully and we got a nice impression on 110# natural white paper that was manufactured with wind power. The dark pink color is printed with a deeper impression than the olive green which I think adds to all the great texture of this card. Who doesn't love a cute partridge!


Fleas said...

Wow, Cristina! These came out awesome! I really like the two different depth of impression. What is the #100 in your logo on back?

cdmB said...

The #100 is to keep track of my card designs. It will be easier when I set up our wholesale ordering sheet to have a number associated with each design. We'll see how it works out in the end. We are so happy with this card and excited to get our next plate back from Boxcar Press - I just ordered it 5 minutes ago!