Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Wall of Art

I finally started buying other people's art! It's not that I thought I was the greatest artist ever and that no other artist's work should grace my walls. It's just that I couldn't afford the artwork I liked. That is, until now. With etsy and Thumbtack Press I can afford to buy work from well-known illustrators and obscure artist from all over the world. This is one of the walls in my dining room with the new additions to my collection.

The Surfer is from Chris Silas Neal. I bought it because it reminded me of when my husband grows his beard out -he looks like a mountain man on a surfboard. My friend, Ben, says it looks like the man is drowning, but I think he looks very peaceful. I think he's waiting for the wave to finish having its way with him, then he'll swim back to the surface and wait for the next one.

The oval shaped piece is called "Making it Rain" by Jaymie McGowan from Roadside Projects. It is a print of one of her amazing paper collage/sculptures. She sells her work on etsy and her images of circus performers, hot-air balloons and windblown girls have a nostalgic mood about them helped along by the signature oval frame she uses. They are truly unique. I had the hardest time choosing one.

The gingerbread man paper-cutout is a Christmas ornament my husband made when he was in pre-school. How cute is that!

The other two frames hold two of my pieces. One is a limited edition gocco print of a girl looking up at her cat in a tree. The other is digital illustration of a girl drawing birds I printed out just for that frame and to balance out the arrangement. I can't help it - I need balance!


Sarah said...

I'm with your friend, I think that guy looks like he is drowning.

cdmB said...

Okay, Sarah, you are entitled to your artistic interpretation. Maybe I just think he is a better surfer than you do?

Fleas said...

I agree with you, Cris. He is just having an "oops" moment. He'll be back.