Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not so funny face

This illustration ran earlier in the week for a story by Michael Stetz on how even clowns are having a rough in these economic times. Story here. My mother used to love painting clowns and although my family has only one of her paintings left (not even sure where that one is) I still think of her when I see a nice painting of a clown. I ran across some nice ones here and here, by Frenchman Bernard Buffet while I was looking for reference for this illustration. Make someone laugh today, it will make you feel better too.


Gnat said...

I have that painting but it's hidden because Kenny is afraid of clowns! ;) I love it though and will some day find a place to put it that he doesn't see it. Maybe my cubicle at work might be nice. :)

cdmB said...

Could you take a picture of it some time so I could see it? I forgot what it looked like. Thanks for all the props about me being a genius and all. I do love it! And thanks for all the "foot traffic" to my site.