Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nanking is in the House!

Since my birthday this year was a biggie, we went to San Francisco. Yes, to hang out, shop, walk around, but mostly to eat at the House of Nanking!!!! It was totally worth it, as usual. I looked at the menu, but just for fun because it's more fun when you let the owner decide what you should have. We had too-die-for shrimp cakes and egg rolls, amazing sweet potato, eggplant and greens, plus melt-in-your-mouth fried calamari. The show-stopper for me is always the blossoming green tea that starts out as a ball and blossoms in to the most beautiful flower. Nanking never disappoints. If you find yourself in San Francisco - it's on the corner of Kearny and Jackson.


Gnat said...

I love that place!! It's funny that I was introduced to it on a first date YEARS ago and now everyone who visit SF has to go because I've taken them there!

Glad you had fun!!


cdmB said...

I first heard about Nanking from a friend at work - it was right before the trip to San Fran to visit you with KG and CP, Raul was there too! -Remember, we went to some baseball games to see Rey and got some "free" sunglasses! And we were all just horrible to Raul's girlfriend. Yikes!

Sarah said...

When I went I had THE biggest bowl of Fried Rice that I have ever seen, such yummy yummy food in San Fran! Glad you celebrated big and had fun! :)

Fleas said...

I love the pics, Cris. Nat walked me past the place, but we ate near Haight st. I'll have to make it there next trip.