Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Washington Post

Here is a freelance illustration I did for the Washington Post a month or so ago. I got a call from my in-laws, that live in the D.C. area, that my husband's 10-year-old niece had seen the illustration in the Style section and recognized my byline. She was going to take some extra copies to her classroom to show her teacher and classmates. It's nice that somebody out there still reads the newspaper!

By the way, the story was about how a lot of people are watching TV on their computers. I am personally addicted to hulu.com. I watched the first entire season of Bewitched and Stargate SG-1. I also love catching up on Saturday Night Live skits I may have missed or episodes of Ugly Betty. All that television and I still find time to read the paper in the morning. I'm awesome!


Vincent Martinez said...

Me too, Bones and Lie to me, and more. Even Paula watch the Novela,before everyone. Great Illistration.

Fleas said...

Awesome illustration! It looks kinda like the two of you.