Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pineapple Express {letterpress}

We designed and printed an invitation for some good friends last month. Here is a peek at the work we did. We printed them on Speckletone Starch White recycled paper by French Paper - along with the envelopes to match. The flecks in the paper add a nice texture to this design. All we need now is a PiƱa Colada to go with them!


Laura said...

I'm interested in hearing more about the paper you used for this project. As a (newbie)letterpress printer myself, I want to find recycled paper. Are you happy with the results?
They look great in the photograph!

byvik ink said...

Hi Laura,
Here is a link to a blog post about this paper. It also has a link to French paper:


We really like the Speckletone 100# paper. It holds a pretty deep impression - not as good as Crane's Lettra cotton paper, but nice in it's own way. If you call them they will send you samples of any of their papers.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Laura said...

Nice, that's great information!

Thanks for the link and I'll definitely send away for some samples!

jacie said...

I really like the color combination of the gold with teal blue even though it is somewhat unusual pairing. What made you choose the two colors?