Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

We love our Christmas tree this year! With a little inspiration from Anthropologie and a vow not to spend money on a tree this year, my husband made this tree out of one and a half pallets he found behind Pannikin. Yes, Pannikin - since we practically live there! Having a one-year-old in the house also inspired us to have a tree out of reach of little fingers. We screwed the planks together and used screws, nails, hooks, push pins and anything we could find to hang the ornaments up. It was super easy wrapping the lights around the tree too. Hopefully we will inspire some of you to do the same next year! Happy Holidays from Byvik Ink!


Laura said...

LOVE that Christmas tree! It looks so beautiful. Very creative!

byvik ink said...

Thanks, Laura. We were so proud of it! We still haven't taken it down yet!