Monday, March 7, 2011

Nena Baby Shower Print {letterpress}

We printed these baby shower invitation/prints for our friend, Gloria. She created a piece of art that we could print as her invitations, but could also be framed as a print and fit perfectly in an IKEA RIBBA square frame. I love the retro illustration of the girl she came up with! I designed the rest of the invitation far enough down so it could be cropped out in a square frame or fit in a 5x7 frame if you wanted to keep the type. They were printed on double-thick 220# Crane's Lettra reclaimed cotton paper. We also printed extra of the pink plate and I cut them into cupcake toppers. The shower was just lovely. See my friend Ani's blog to see way better pictures and learn all about the food at this event. Ani is a photographer, dog lover and food expert - you will not be disappointed.
Now all we need is for little Nena to show up - she's already late!