Monday, July 9, 2012

Stomach troubles {illustration}

The top illustration of the woman in orange and pink was done by me last month for a story on probiotics - why we need them, what foods have them, supplements, etc. The second illustration of the man in green was done by me on the exact same subject about 6 years ago. This happens a lot with my job. The same subjects come around, sometimes every year, and you have to come up with a great idea over and over. In this case, I used the same concept, but hopefully changed it enough that it feels like a new illustration. I sometimes wonder what the rules should be about recycling art for a similar story. What is your opinion? How much time should go by before a publication should re-use a piece of art? Never? Sometimes? How about, only if it's good enough? Just wondering... now I have a stomach ache.

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