Friday, February 1, 2013

January Work {illustration}

Here are some of my illustrations that ran in January. It was a pretty slow month, with a lot more planning than doing. But I had some exciting things happen...

First, the art for depression, based on this sketch I did, turned into a really nice page. The great Charles Apple even wrote a whole post about it here! He said it was "charmingly clever," which my husband later borrowed to describe me. If my husband pulls that one out again on Valentine's Day he is set for life!

    This illustrated map, that appeared with one of our first features on Balboa Park and the changes they are making for their centennial celebration in 2015, was a bittersweet project. I worked so hard getting the colors just right, then in a rookie mistake, I botched the job! These are the colors how they should have appeared - see the version above on the page to see how it actually printed. (For the Illustrator using crew: I modified colors that were pantone colors but did not rename the colors. When you go to print, the pantone name of the color over-rides any changes you may have made to the formula of the color. I am very lucky, though—it could have been much worse!)     

This was one of my favorite jobs of the month. I got to make pretty art of a whale! I was definitely influenced by David Weidman. I did a post on him a while back as well. I had to do 2 versions of the art to fit the different proportions of our two covers. I still don't know which one I like better.

Hope you enjoyed this months run down of illustrations! Have a fantastic weekend!

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