Monday, August 10, 2009

Recycled Thank Yous

Sometimes it seems as if the word "thank you" just isn't enough. I don't mean we should skip saying it, but I just want to know how to make it better than just a regular thank you. My amazing in-laws were in town, and because we, at Byvik Ink, are expecting and addition to the team (a baby boy) they were helping us get ready. In the course of one week, they fixed the sound on our TV, replaced our broken porch light, installed a new water heater and bought us a washer and dryer! And, as if it were an after thought, fixed the new motor on our press so it purrs like a kitten and let's us print and print and print! On top of all that, we still managed a few games of Scrabble every night. How can you possible say thank you for all of that. Can a card really be enough?

These cards were printed a while back, but I just got around to posting them for sale. The are printed on 100% recycled kraft card stock and 100% recycled kraft envelopes. I guess a card is a start.

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