Friday, December 3, 2010

Craft Fair

We are going to be selling our cards and prints at a craft fair this weekend. I'm not a huge fan of selling at craft fairs. In fact, I really, really dislike it - like a lot. I would much rather sell anonymously over the internet or through a retailer. I've always thought most artists are were not the best salespeople for their own work. It's hard to say "this piece is great" or "check out this amazing pack of cards" when it is your own stuff. It feels arrogant to me. The opposite of that theory rings true for me too because I've always thought some of the best artists were arrogant - or at least thought they were good. Picasso is one that comes to mind. If he didn't think he was so great, would he have been as great? Okay, probably. Imagine thinking your art was so great that you could draw on a napkin to pay your bill at a restaurant.
Anyway, back to craft fairs, I'm doing this show not only because it is down the street from my house, but it is also for a good cause. It benefits children that need help paying their tuition. It will be a fun event, especially because I've asked a good friend and Byvik Ink fan to come sit with me and remind me how great our cards are so I can believe it myself as I meet local customers. Stop by if you are in the area. I may be drawing on some napkins.

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