Thursday, August 21, 2014

Graceful Aging {illustration}

I very recently did a freelance job for the Washington Post. Here is a little bit of my process, the final illustrations and how they looked on the front of the Health & Science section. The challenge for the main art was combining two stories into one image. In the end, we decided on using two main illustrations that complimented each other. My favorite concept of them all was the man doing Tai Chi in the middle of a banana peel mine field. I think I may have had extra caffeine when I came up with that one. Designed and art directed by Heather Barber.

Rough sketches for the main story and two spots

The final spot illustration for a story on falling and how to avoid it as we age.

One part of the cover illustration about improving your running technique as you age.

Second spot illustration for a story on keeping your eyes healthy.

The second part of the cover illustration focusing on how to do yoga safely as you age.

The page as it appeared in the Washington Post - design by Heather Barber.

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